The FAQ contains answers to common questions we receive. We will be updating this page periodically as we get additional feedback.

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To facilitate networking and provide a visual reference of the presence of believers. To encourage others who might be on their own to find a fellowship near them. This is a tool to serve the body of Christ not to rule or control it. Our purpose is to organize for service, not establish a new organization. Being part of 1God1Body will not change the way you function and operate.

Privacy is very important to us. We don't want this tool to be misused or abused. In light of that, we will never publicize any personal details or share them with anyone. We utilize a secure system to ensure that any personal information submitted is protected. Entering your personal details will allow us to forward contact requests to you easily and efficiently.

No. Your details will never be made public or shared with anyone. People wishing to contact you will submit a request that will be forwarded to you.

No. The pin markers will be placed at an approximate location close to your address (usually your closest city or town).

By serving as a hub and directory for home church groups and events that are happening around the world. This allows people to quickly and easily find out what's happening or connect with a nearby fellowship.

If you want to connect with a person or fellowship group in your area you can send a contact request which will be forwarded to them. When they see your request they will get in touch with you.

There are two symbols/icons on the map.

The church symbol represents a home church or a fellowship group.

The flag symbol represents an event or a camp.

You can select which pins to view on the map using the toggles on the top right corner of the map.

You can submit a contact request. Your request will be forwarded to the individual/group and they will get in touch with you.

When filling out a contact request please provide as much information as you can to make the process easier.